Boys Soccer Roster

Below is the roster for CPHS Boys Soccer. GOOD NEWS! All of you have shown great talent and truly belong on the field, so we will have a Varsity and a JV squad this year, so that means there were no cuts! Please look for your name to find out which squad you have been placed in.

VARSITY: Ramandeep S., Stefan I., Noah B., Jacob L., Brendan R., Alex C., Alex K., Omar B., Harrison J., Nick A., Cody L., Simon K., Brenden S., Andrew M., Carlos G., Keegan H.,

JV: Dominic B., Nicco M., John B., Brandon W., Vaibhav T., Tristan L., Jack C., Taaha R., Micaiah M., Christian T., Angad S., Orran D., Jae Young K., Nicco S. (team manager).

Parents: There will be a Parent-Coach meeting after practice on Monday to exchange contact information and to discuss team expectations and plans for the season. Please make every effort to attend.

Good Job Guys and GO CHARGERS!

Coach Frusti and Coach McNamara